About us

BioSandFilter.org was conceived by Eric Fewster and Adriaan Mol. Together they started BushProof, a company registered in Madagascar that provides socially beneficial products and services specifically tailored for use in low-income countries.

Our vision

To significantly contribute towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals through innovative solutions that positively impact the health and wellbeing of people living in low-income countries.

Mission statement

BushProof provides the means to scale up relief and development initiatives for people living in low-income countries. Our innovative technologies and professional services have a rapid and widespread application. BushProof products are specifically designed for the tough and remote environments commonly encountered in much of the developing world. They are easy to use and maintain. They work and last. Durability, affordability and reliability are key features. Delivered rapidly, this guarantees maximum impact where it is needed most.

Training and consultancies provided by BushProof maximise the effectiveness of other organisations to implement cost-efficient, high impact programmes.

BushProof believes that economic and human development is more sustainable when products are commercially viable. This happens when sufficient demand is created for products that are manufactured through the private sector, whilst remaining affordable and available to low-income households. We believe that good market opportunities can be developed for products that improve health and wellbeing.

In order to create local economic benefits, BushProof endeavours to locate production in low-income countries. We are committed to re-investing a percentage of profits into research and pilot programmes in order to broaden the scientific knowledge base of innovative technologies.

BioSandFilter.org therefore presents facts & information; offering the most comprehensive and informative web resource on this technology, including the latest updates on academic research.

We encourage sharing experiences of the filter through a discussion group that provides an environment where practitioners can meet colleagues implementing similar projects in other countries; where field staff have the opportunity to consult experts; where policy makers can meet those wanting to ensure safe drinking water for their own family.

Technical support & quality products: providing easy access to tools and quality bio-sand filter products. If in-depth experience is needed our experienced associates can provide technical support to those needing it, such as NGOs and development organisations.

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