Staff & Associates is a joint effort of Eric Fewster and Adriaan Mol. Both have held senior positions in humanitarian aid programmes and are expert managers of large programmes including water and sanitation. In addition, has access to the services of several associate staff, all experts in their field. Most (associate) staff are available for consultancy services. CVs are available on request. Contact us for more information.

Staff at

Eric Fewster
Eric is a very resourceful water and sanitation expert with over 10 years experience in relief and development programmes in Africa and Asia. He combines a thorough understanding of the humanitarian WatSan sector with an interest in finding appropriate technical solutions to specific problems in the field. Eric speaks English and passable French.

Adriaan Mol
An experienced manager of large relief and development programmes, Adriaan has worked for over 10 years in a large number of developing countries. He has also conceived and implemented several successful projects that proved the technical and commercial potential of the bio-sand filter in Africa. Technically, Adriaan has been involved in adapting the design of other socially beneficial products, including the bio-sand filter and a solar powered UV water disinfection system, in order to make them suitable for production in developing countries. Adriaan speaks English, Dutch, French and passable German.

Associate Members

Cleo Wiessent – Brandsma
Currently based in Israel, Cleo is an experienced laboratory analyst. She has been involved with bio-sand filtration since 1999 when she implemented a pilot project for Medair in Machakos District, Kenya. Since then, she has conducted trainings and evaluation in several East African countries, including Uganda and South Sudan. Her expertise also includes water quality testing under field conditions. Cleo speaks English, German and Dutch.

David Kilonzo & Simon Mutiku
After working with Medair in Machakos District in 1999 and 2000, Simon and David started their own successful sand filter enterprise. Without any NGO assistance, they have constructed and sold for profit over 2000 filters to individual households throughout the region. During this time, they have gained a wealth of practical technical experience on construction, maintenance and local marketing. David and Simon have already travelled to remote areas in Uganda and Kenya (Karamoja and Turkana) on the request of client organisations. David and Simon speak English, Kiswahili and Kikamba.

Jaap Mol
This website is designed and maintained by Jaap Mol, IT specialist based in the Netherlands.

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