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Clean water: 1 billion people are dying for it

One billion people lack safe drinking water. Every day they risk their lives and health by drinking from contaminated sources: they are missing out on a basic human right. Here the biosand filter can make a difference, providing safe drinking water, right where it's needed most: at household level, because it effectively purifies contaminated water.

Cheap and simple, yet effective. Dedicated to spreading knowledge of this unique technology, we believe this filter can make a difference, save lives, where other technology fails or is too costly.

All the information you need. Check out the technical pages, photo construction guides, project evaluations, scientific reports proving the intrinsic effectiveness of the filter. Build your own filter or start your own sand filter project. Read about past projects: evaluate for your self that this technology works where it matters most: out in the bush, in the houses of the poor. Join our forum; contribute news about your own projects or research.

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While is dedicated to providing safe drinking water, we recognise that the translation of clean water
is enhanced when accompanied by adequate sanitation and especially good hygiene practises






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